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NSF Awards $621,000 to UTEP Team for Arctic Research

The National Science Foundation (NSF) recently awarded $621,488 to The University of...

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UTEP Report: Trade Ambiguity Triggers Lower Mexico Economic Forecast

The potential disruption in trade relations between the U.S. and Mexico was among...

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UTEP Recognized Among Top Cancer Research Institutions

Rachid Skouta, Ph.D., research assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry at...

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UTEP Graduate Students Showcase Research

Graduate Student Research Expo Friday, Nov. 11, 2016. Photo: J.R. Hernandez, UTEP...

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UTEP Team Promotes Benefits of 3-D Prototyping at EDUCAUSE

>Members of UTEP’s Learning Environments (LE) team presented their 3-D printing...

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People Spotlight

Kathleen Gannon

Kate Gannon is a journalism lecturer in the Communication Department at The University of Texas at El Paso, teaching multimedia journalism writing and production, new media tools and...

Center Spotlight

Center for Space Exploration Technology Research

The Center activities are aligned with the University of Texas at El Paso's strategies of creating a broad range of educational opportunities for students, and economic and...

Community Spotlight

Undergraduate Research
The Undergraduate Research iMove Community connects faculty and professional staff who wish to share data, knowledge, experiences, and best practices in undergraduate research,...

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