Culture & Health Among Hispanics
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The Culture & Health interdisciplinary Community of Practice will address specific public health issues and how they relate to features of culture that influence health status and outcomes. We are a research-based community that creates and shares collaborative knowledge and tools, such as assessments and interventions. Our group facilitates dialogue and connection building and potentiates research collaborations to engage community stakeholders, create new data, and develop group publications and proposals.


The Culture and Health among Hispanics Community of Practice will bring together an interdisciplinary body of researchers and practitioners with the vision of disseminating resources and materials, influencing practice, providing training and outreach opportunities, and generating sustainable funding through collaborative research projects.


  1. Community Health
  2. Culture & Ethnicity
  3. Health Disparities & Inequities
  4. Health Status & Health Outcomes


  1. Education for the 21st Century Demographic


Field, Craig
Associate Professor
Liberal Arts - Psychology
alcohol use disorders, clinical trials of motivational interviewing/health behavior interventions, culture and health, Health Disparities/Inequities, public health/health psychology
Featured: Awards

Assistant Professor
Health Sciences - Rehabilitation Counseling
Assistive Technology, Community-engaged scholarship, Homelessness, mental illness, peer support, positive deviance, psychiatric disability, rehabilitation counseling, social justice, stigma, treatment engagement, vocation
Featured: Awards

Center/Other Units - Latino Alcohol and Health Disparities Research Center (LAHDR)
alcohol, Brief Motivational Interventions, implementation, public health, strength-based interventions

Assistant Professor
Health Sciences - Public Health Sciences
cultural health beliefs, Hispanic health disparities, mental health, stress, type 2 diabetes
Featured: Awards

Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts - Psychology
community corrections, criminal justice, mental health stigma, mental illness, trauma
Featured: Awards


Texas Rio Grande Legal AID

Related Efforts

Latino Alcohol & Health Disparities Research Center
UTEP Related Effort
Contact: Craig Field

The mission of the Latino Health Disparities Research (LAHDR) is to foster interdisciplinary research and training through the dissemination of health behavior change interventions among Hispanics on the US-Mexico border to promote improved health outcomes. LAHDR will contribute to the University of Texas at El Paso’s mission of conducting interdisciplinary research in health and social sciences and vision of becoming a Tier 1 research institution.

Culture & Health Distribution List
UTEP Resource
Antonio Martinez

On this list you will find individuals who have participated in our first meeting or are interested in participating in future meetings. Please let us know if any of the fields on this sheet need to be modified.

Culture & Health Brief Survey
UTEP Resource
Antonio Martinez

We are interested in getting feedback from our members on the description, aspiration, and other a characteristics of this group. Please provide us your input.

Building a Community of Practice Workshop Slides
UTEP Resource
Antonio Martinez

The purpose of this session is to conceptualize the scope of interests for the emerging Community of Practice on Culture and Health.

IDRE Report Handouts 04.07.17
UTEP Resource
Related Effort: Latino Alcohol & Health Disparities Research Center
Antonio Martinez

2017 IDRE Week Culture & Heath Community of Practice Handouts


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This community engages in dialog as follows: