Geospatial Information Science & Technology (GIST)
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This community is comprised of faculty and staff who have expertise in the theory, methods and/or application of geospatial technologies in research and education. The community includes a wide range of disciplines.


The goal of the GIST community is to provide a forum for sharing knowledge, resources, and ideas with a view towards generating innovative research and education outcomes.


  1. geographic information
  2. geospatial
  3. geotechnologies
  4. geovisualization
  5. GIS
  6. spatial analysis and modeling
  7. Web GIS


  1. Cross-cutting: Emerging Technologies
  2. Health and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  3. Education for the 21st Century Demographic
  4. Energy and Environment
  5. Global Enterprise and Border Studies
  6. National Defense and Border Security


Associate Professor
Science - Geological Sciences
geospatial, integrated modeling and analysis, interdisciplinary teamwork, knowledge representation, scenario analysis, socio-environmental systems

Associate Professor
Engineering - Electrical and Computer Engineering
3D image processing, biomedical signal processing, Compressive Sensing, Digital Signal Processing, Image Compression, Image Processing, Volumetric Data Compression

Liberal Arts - Sociology and Anthropology
environmental health, environmental justice, GIScience, racial/ethnic disparities, spatial analysis, vulnerability to hazards/disasters

Science - Geological Sciences
Aeolian processes, aerosols, Air Pollution, air quality, arid lands, biogeography, climate, climatology, deserts, dust storms, earth system science, environmental geochemistry, environmental health, geomorphology, meteorology, playas/dry lakes, saline lakes/playas and evaporites, sandstorms, science education., sedimentology, trace elements, weather, X-ray spectrometry

Science - Geological Sciences
field geology, geomorphology, human spaceflight, planetary science, Remote Sensing, tectonics

Geospatial Lab
UTEP Resource

Congratulations to Jay Chakraborty (Sociology) for received a $500k STARS award from the UT System to build a dedicated geospatial training lab!!! The new lab will be in the basement of Prospect Hall, and is comprised of two large rooms - one for teaching and another for research. This shared space will be wonderful! Stay tuned for renovation news.


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