Interdisciplinary Research and Education (IDRE)
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The Interdisciplinary Research and Education (IDRE) community is made up of individuals from diverse academic disciplines and institutional positions involved in IDRE. We engage each other to improve the knowledge, ability, and capacity for enabling, leading, evaluating, and participating more effectively in IDRE. We welcome you to explore our community pages and attend our next event!


We aspire to be a vibrant, supportive community focused on expanding our knowledge base and skills for effectively leading IDRE, and providing access to best practices, methods and tools that facilitate successful IDRE.


  1. Collaboration
  2. IDR
  3. Interdisciplinary
  4. Team science


  1. Biotechnology & Nanotechnology
  2. Cross-cutting: Cyberinfrastructure and Collaborative
  3. Cross-cutting: Emerging Technologies
  4. Health and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  5. Education for the 21st Century Demographic
  6. Energy and Environment
  7. Global Enterprise and Border Studies
  8. National Defense and Border Security
  9. Cross-cutting: U.S.-Mexico and Latin America: Social and Behavioral Issues


Liberal Arts - Psychology
behavioral and neural plasticity, dopamine, drug addiction, in vivo intracerebral microdialysis, movement disorder, neuroscience
Featured: Awards

Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy - Pharmacy
Applied Micro Econometrics, Cost‐Effectiveness Analysis, Health Care Cost Analysis, Health Outcomes, Healthcare Management, Integrated Delivery System, Meta‐ Analysis, Patient‐Centered Medical Home, Quantitative Health Service Research

Science - Chemistry
Asphaltenes, Bio-remediation, environmental engineering, EXXON, materials

Assistant Professor
Education - Teacher Education
Community Engaged Scholarship, identity, place, power
Featured: Awards

Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts - Intelligence and National Security Studies
big data, Intelligence analysis, intelligence education, mixed methods, network analysis, open source intelligence, terrorism

Related Efforts

UTEP Interdisciplinary Research Symposium
Contact: Andrea Tirres

The UTEP Interdisciplinary Research (IDR) Symposium seeks to build on the momentum of campus IDR activities that have included connection-building events & increased interest in interdisciplinary research funds. The symposium typically includes an opening reception with poster presentations followed the next day with various sessions exploring the symposium’s theme. The 2014 theme was Rewarding and Recognizing Interdisciplinary Research. Contact idrutep@utep.edu to help plan the next symposium.

IDR Enhancement Program
Funding: Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) & Office of the Provost.
Contact: Andrea Tirres

The Provost and the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects issue a Request for Proposals for interdisciplinary research enhancement on an annual and/or biannual basis. Awards to interdisciplinary teams are typically in the amount of $20,000 per team. Eligibility requirements, authorized use of funds, proposal structure, review processes and criteria, & requirements of awardees are described in the RFP. Term of the award is typically one year. To date, there have been four rounds of funding.

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Science of Team Science (SciTS)
Deana Pennington

The SciTS is a community that brings together thought leaders from a variety of disciplines/fields and providing investigators, administrators, and funders with state-of-the-art knowledge, strategies and connections. The SciTS field is building the evidence base for how to conduct, manage, and support effective and efficient team-based research, and ultimately enhance the science it produces.

Team Science Toolkit
Effective Practice

This is a website that provides a wealth of resources about leading, supporting, and conducting team science.

Bob William's website
Effective Practice

Bob Williams is an evaluator with lots of experience facilitating group work. His website provides a good selection of methods for a variety of purposes.

Effective Practice

Mycoted is a company dedicated to improving creativity and innovation for solving problems. This is a central repository for tools, techniques, mind exercises, puzzles, book reviews etc.


I3 Move Communities provide a way to share expertise, resources, and community information to the general public. There are numerous tools available, both open source and proprietary, for engaging in dialog and sharing information and knowledge within a closed group.

Communities have access to IBM SmartCloud, a tool that provides a Cloud Computing solution for sharing files, defining activities, creating blogs, developing wikis, and promoting ideas. To request an account and training on IBM SmartCloud, contact econnect@utep.edu.

This community engages in dialog as follows:

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