Ahmed El-Gendy

Physical Sciences Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Ahmed El-Gendy

Assistant Professor, Physics

Dr. El-Gendy is a material scientist with 15 years of experience in the field of applied physics. His major focus is on synthesis and optimization of monodispersed magnetic nanoparticles to be feasible for many industrial and medical applications such as data storage, permanent magnets, magnetic sensors, contrast agents for MRI, drug delivery, and hyperthermia treatment for cancer treatment. His expertise of working at different departments in science such as chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering and his extensive collaboration with biologists and biomedical scientists is revealing his ability for establishing interdisciplinary research group. Based on his research abilities in all the mentioned scientific areas, he can teach different types of courses for undergrad and graduate levels such as electricity and magnetism, molecular nanostructures, material science for physicists and engineers, mathematical physics, modern physics, nanotechnology, thermodynamics, advanced magnetism, and magnetochemistry. Dr. El-Gendy has one published patent on the use of tiny nanomagnets for data storage applications. In addition, he just filed a new provisional patent regarding Brain Phantom using Casting and 3D Printing. His contribution to the research communities makes him one of the important researchers in his field.


  1. Magnetic data storage
  2. Magnetic hyperthermia
  3. Magnetic resonance imaging
  4. Material science
  5. Nanomagnetics
  6. Nanotechnology


  1. Education for the 21st Century Demographic
  2. Energy & Environment
  3. Health & Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  4. Cross-cutting: Emerging Technologies: Information Technology, Biotechnology & Nanotechnology