Elva Reza-Lopez

EDUC 609
Education Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Curriculum Vitae


Elva Reza-Lopez
Clinical Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Dr. Elva Reza- López is an immigrant from Mexico and an English Learner. A
former bilingual public school teacher, Dr. Reza- López advocates for humanizing the educational system for a more just and democratic society. Her
areas of research include Biliteracy with emphasis on Applied Critical Pedagogy, Dual-Language Education, English as a Second Language and the Concept of
Nepantla. As Principal Investigator (PI) of two literacy grants, Literacy sin fronteras Camp: Expanding Bilingual/Bicultural Horizons, and Literacy sin
fronteras II: Developing Hispanic Parental Communities, she investigates critical biliteracy within community of the underserved Hispanic parent population and
their children. Her article (2011) Literacy sin Fronteras: Deconstructing Borders for Language and Cultural Inclusion makes reference of the need to include
language and culture of diverse population into mainstream curriculum and the need for academia to connect with diverse underrepresented communities. Her other publications include: (2014) Nepantlera Pedagogy: An Axiological Posture
for Preparing Critical Conscious Teachers in the Borderlands, Journal of Latinos
and Education, 13:1-13. (2012) Perdida/Lost: Self-Reflections in Nepantla as
Voice Emerges, Sams, et.al. Excursions and Recursions Through Power, Priveledge and Praxis, (2007) El discurso de la educación bilingüe en la frontera
México-Estados Unidos: formación de identidades, relaciones de poder y
opresión. Noesis.


  1. Bilingual Education
  2. Biliteracy
  3. Critical and Nepantlera Pedagogy.
  4. Sheltered English


  1. Education for the 21st Century Demographic
  2. Cross-cutting: U.S. –Mexico and Latin America: Social and Behavioral Issues
  3. Other