Fernanda Wagstaff

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Fernanda Wagstaff
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Associate Professor, Marketing and Management

The overarching questions that have permeated Dr. Wagstaff’s research over the last ten years are: a) do we follow fair business practices, and b) how do employees and employers respond to differential treatment?

In answering these questions, she has focused most of her research on topics related to diversity issues at work, particularly those related to racial/ethnic background, gender, age, weight, nationality, disability, and biculturalism. Within this framework, Dr. Wagstaff is also interested in international human resource management, an area in which she has researched how diversity is conceptualized across the world. For example, are females or nationals more, less, or equally likely to be offered jobs than males and non-nationals?

Dr. Wagstaff’s examination of fair business practices has also triggered her interest in understanding the relationship between business ethics and young people. Her current work relates to how teenagers conceptualize business ethics in general and what is right or wrong in business practices in particular.


  1. Business Ethics
  2. Diversity Issues at Work
  3. Organizational Research Methods


  1. Education for the 21st Century Demographic
  2. Global Enterprise & Border Studies
  3. Cross-cutting: U.S. –Mexico and Latin America: Social and Behavioral Issues