Jorge Garza-Ulloa

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Jorge Garza-Ulloa
Lecturer, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering (IMSE)

Dr. Garza-Ulloa has focused his research in the development of mathematical models for biomedical applications, as his actual project: "Applied Biomechatronics using Mathematical Models ", his Mathematical Model for the Validation of the Ground Reaction Force Sensor in Human Gait Analysis, the Mathematical model to predict Transition-to-Fatigue during isometric exercise on muscles of the lower extremities, and his mathematical model to be used in the Assessment and evaluation of dynamic behavior of muscles with special reference to subjects with Diabetes Mellitus. Dr. Garza-Ulloa also conducts research in Sensor Validation using Computational Intelligence, to detect common factors that cause low reliability of the acquired data. Such factors include power instability, temperature changes, out-of-range data, internal/ external noises, and also synchronization problems that occur when there is the integration of multiple sensor systems. Dr. Garza-Ulloa has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards including a University of Texas at El Paso Graduate School Research Award, Research Schellenger Foundation, and funds for his research from Stern Foundation. He has founded three international technologies consultant companies and been leader in develop novelty specialized electronic manufacturing equipment to improve production. Dr. Garza-Ulloa plans to continue his research, and teaching in Universities/Research Centers, with the goal on develop new methods/equipment for Healthcare systems (Bio-medical Engineering)/testing performance.


  1. Bio-medical Engineering
  2. Healthcare systems,Biomechatronics
  3. Industrial Manufacturing education
  4. Mathematical Models
  5. Sensor Validation


  1. Energy & Environment
  2. Health & Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  3. Cross-cutting: Emerging Technologies: Information Technology, Biotechnology & Nanotechnology