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June Kan-Mitchell
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Professor, Biological Sciences - Research and Sponsored Projects (Office of) - Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC)

Dr. June Kan-Mitchell has a long term interest in human T cell immunology with interest in developing an efficacious HIV vaccine. Her laboratory is using in vitro immunization protocol to interrogate HIV-specific “pre-infection” T cell repertoires from healthy donors, to provide insights into the frequency of recognition at the population level and the magnitude of the in vitro immunized responses. Understanding the character and limitations of HIV epitope-specific repertoires is fundamental to the design of a prophylactic vaccine or of a therapeutic vaccine aimed to achieve HIV cure by targeting subdominant non-mutated epitopes of reactivated latent viruses. There is increasing recognition in the HIV vaccine field that subdominant CD8+ T cell directed at conserved determinants are important. Feasibility will depend on mobilizing CTLs against subdominant (non-mutated) viral epitopes that may kill cells harboring reactivated latent virus. Thus, Dr. Kan-Mitchell’s research will provide basic mechanistic understanding into the hierarchy of HIV determinants within the HIV conserved domains and how the subdominance of particular epitope can be overridden is incomplete but central to effective vaccination.


  1. HIV vaccine
  2. Human killer T cells
  3. T cell immunology


  1. Health & Biomedical Sciences and Engineering