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Maria Mariani
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Professor, Mathematical Sciences - Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC) - Computational Science
Department Chair, Mathematical Sciences

Dr. Mariani’s work concentrates on nonlinear and stochastic problems with applications. She has special interest in applications to Physics, Geophysics and Finance. She has tried to make interdisciplinary connections since she believes that such work is fundamental to the progress of science.

At present, one of her main interests is the interface of mathematics and financial markets. Over the past two decades, the complexity of international finance has grown enormously with the development of new markets and instruments for transferring risks. This growth in complexity has been accompanied by an expanded role for mathematical models to value derivative securities and to measure their risks.

In the interface of Mathematics, Physics and Geophysics, she has been involved in the study of models for semiconductor devices and wave equations as the Painleve equations. She is working in models for seismic data, and studying the existence of solutions to the transient quantum hydrodynamic equations, specifically questions concerning long-time behavior.


  1. Applied mathematics
  2. Geophysics
  3. Mathematical Finance
  4. Mathematical Physics
  5. Nonlinear partial differential equations
  6. Numerical Methods


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