Richard Jarvis

Geological Sciences Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Richard Jarvis

Professor, Geological Sciences - Environmental Science and Engineering

Richard Jarvis is a physical geographer. He served for twenty-five years as an academic administrator, in positions ranging from provost and academic vice president to the chancellor of two state higher education systems. He has also taught throughout his career at research universities, state colleges, and community colleges, on-campus and on-line. His teaching and research focus upon the science we offer to non-STEM majors in the general education/core curriculum – typically the 6-8 credits deemed sufficient to provide future citizens who are not scientists with all they will need to succeed in the twenty-first century. He is curious about how to maximize the value of required lab experiences especially in circumstances where they are not always taught by our most experienced practitioners. In other areas of research, he is particularly interested in academic leadership and in how colleges and universities partner with community colleges and K-12 schools, develop online opportunities, and reach out to meet the needs of working adults and returning students. He also studies fluvial geomorphology, environmental science, and the history of geography. He is increasingly fascinated by the impacts of global climate change and the emerging geography of the Arctic.


  1. Geoscience education
  2. Physical Geography
  3. Science in the General Education/Core Curriculum
  4. State Systems of Colleges and Universities
  5. US Higher Education Administration


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