Som Mukhopadhyay

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Curriculum Vitae


Som Mukhopadhyay
Associate Professor, Marketing and Management

My expertise is in building management science and operations management quantitative models for business applications. I give below specific categorized application and model areas where I published.
Simulation models for lumpy demand inventory control performance
I have published with others forecasting performances of our models in lumpy demand situations in renowned journals. I developed simulation models to find out whether the superior forecasting performance translates into better inventory handling performance.
Revenue management (RM) models for the transportation industries
I have published RM models since many transportation industries such as airlines, hotels, and, cruise use some kind of RM for controlling their room inventories.
Linear programming (LP) and neural network (NN) classifiers
I have published LP and NN models. Even though NN and LP classifiers usually have better prediction accuracy than that of decision tree classifiers, the latter gained popularity because of its rule-based output. I would like to extend the LP research to rule-based classifiers.
Classroom learning
As a teacher, I have a responsibility to research on how to improve classroom learning. I have published with others on problem-based learning in the classroom.
E-commerce growth models
I have published in the area.


  1. E-commerce Growth Models
  2. Geometry of LP Classifiers
  3. Lumpy Demand Inventory
  4. Neural Network
  5. Operations and Management Science Models


  1. Other