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Stanley Mubako
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Research Assistant Professor, Center for Environmental Resource Management (CERM) - Research and Sponsored Projects (Office of)

I have wide interdisciplinary research interests that include water resources and ecosystem sustainability, hydrological processes at watershed level, virtual water and life cycle analysis, and geospatial applications.

My current research involves the development of an environmental-economic accounting framework for water use in the United States, where I am collaborating with researchers from different departments across UTEP. This work also focuses on assessing economic, environmental, and social sustainability indicators in relation to water use in arid regions. The research is supported through Interdisciplinary Research Enhancement Program Level II funding, a program made possible through the UTEP Office of Research and Sponsored Projects and the Office of the Provost.

I am also collaborating with researchers at Arizona State University and Michigan Technological University on a project whose focus is adaptive water management in the Great Lakes Region of the United States, supported by the Great Lakes Protection Fund. The core of the research is on the value of water and ecosystem impacts of human economic activities.

Finally, I like pursuing international collaboration opportunities involving water, climate change and other current environmental issues. I recently co-authored a book chapter on climate change adaptation issues in the Limpopo River Basin, and a journal article on Schistosomiasis (biharzia) prevalence in the Lake Chilwa Basin, both in southern Africa. In other international collaboration efforts, I have served as lead author for United Nations Environment Programme-supported environmental assessment reports, including the ?Freshwater and Health? chapter in the most recent Africa Environment Outlook report, the Africa Water Atlas, and the Southern Africa Environment Outlook report.


  1. Environmental assessment
  2. Environmental-economic accounting
  3. Geographic Information Systems and Remote sensing
  4. Irrigation and Soil science
  5. Water footprint analysis
  6. Water resources planning and policy


  1. Energy & Environment