Josie Tinajero

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Josie Tinajero

Professor, Teacher Education - Reading Center - Student Services (Advising, Certification, Interns) - Mother-Daughter Program
Director, Project BEEM (Bilingual Education Enhancement and Mentoring Program) College of Education, UTEP
Director, The Mother-Daughter and Father-Son Programs, College of Education, UTEP
Director, Chair of EPRIC--El Paso Regional Induction Consortium
Director, BEEMS Conference Advisory Committee

Dr. Tinajero is Professor of Bilingual Education and Special Assistant to the Vice President for Research. She is an educator and advocate on issues of equity and excellence for culturally and linguistically diverse children and families. Her areas of research are in bilingualism, dual language education, language acquisition, bilingual education, literacy, biliteracy, and education of underrepresented groups. She directs the UTEP Mother-Daughter/Father-Son Program, and is Chair of the El Paso chapter of Do the Write Thing Challenge, a violence prevention program that is part of the National Campaign to Stop Violence. Nine school districts in the El Paso area participate in this initiative.


  1. Bilingual Education
  2. Bilingualism
  3. Biliteracy
  4. Community outreach
  5. Do the Write Thing Program and school-university partnerships
  6. Education of underrepresented minorities


  1. Education for the 21st Century Demographic
  2. Cross-cutting: U.S. –Mexico and Latin America: Social and Behavioral Issues
  3. Other