Valentin Bolborici

Engineering Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Valentin Bolborici
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Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Bolborici's current areas of research are: Modeling and Design of High Voltage Pulse Generators with Variable Pulse Width, Modeling and Control of Piezoelectric Traveling Wave Rotary Ultrasonic Motors (PTWRUSM), and Modeling and Management of Hybrid Electric Energy Storage Systems. High Voltage Pulse generators are used to supply microwave pulse generators that produce bursts of microwave radiation. The generators are usually made of pulse forming networks that produce pulses with fixed pulse width. The research consists in the modification of these generators to generate high voltage pulses with variable pulse width. PTWRUSM are a class of motors that generate torque by exciting a mechanical transversal traveling wave in the stator and by using this traveling wave to rotate the rotor placed on top of the stator. The research in this area is concerned with the modeling of PTWRUSM in a deterministic way and generating control methods based on these models. Hybrid Electric Energy Storage Systems have applications in the automotive industry, aerospace industry, and micro grids. The research in this area is concerned with the electro-thermal modeling of hybrid electric energy storage systems in a circuit form and the investigation of different topologies containing batteries, ultracapacitors, and dc-dc converters.


  1. Drive
  2. Electrothermal
  3. Energy storage
  4. Finite volume method
  5. High voltage pulse generators
  6. Motor


  1. Energy & Environment
  2. National Defense & Border Security