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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Vivek Tandon
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Professor, Civil Engineering - Computational Science

Dr. Tandon’s research centers on the sustenance of community requires resilient infrastructure that enhances productivity, minimizes disruptions under stressed conditions, extends the life of existing infrastructure, and minimizes the frequency of maintenance. His main expertise lies in the development and evaluation of innovative, sustainable materials for highway infrastructure that generate minimal carbon footprint, including sustainable modification of existing materials like asphalt, aggregate, asphalt concrete, soils, and PCC, and development of new materials like geopolymer. He also has expertise in the evaluation of the impact of extreme climate events on transportation infrastructure (like flooding), the use of computational science for evaluating complex infrastructure materials, and the use of sustainable development approaches for smart cities. He has received major funding through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), as well has from sources like Federal Highway Administration, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, US Department of Transportation. Dr. Tandon has successfully collaborated with faculty within the department, outside the department, and from other universities to promote sustainable development.


  1. Computational Modeling of Infrastructure Systems
  2. Innovative Civil Infrastructure Materials Design
  3. Resilient and Sustainable Infrastructure Development
  4. Sustainable Disposal of Waste Civil Infrastructure
  5. Testing and Evaluation


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  2. Cross-cutting: Cyberinfrastructure and Collaborative Environments
  3. Cross-cutting: Emerging Technologies: Information Technology, Biotechnology & Nanotechnology
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