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Burcu Akinci - External Community Member
Carnegie Mellon University

Dr. Burcu Akinci is a Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering and co-director of Pennsylvania Smarter Infrastructure Incubator at Carnegie Mellon University. She earned her BS in Civil Engineering (1991) from Middle East Technical University and her MBA (1993) from Bilkent University at Ankara, Turkey. After that, she earned her MS (1995) and her Ph.D. (2000) in Civil and Environmental Engineering with a specialization in Construction Engineering and Management from Stanford University. Her research interests include development of approaches to model and reason about information rich histories of facilities, to streamline construction and facility management processes. She specifically focuses on investigating utilization and integration of building information models with data capture and tracking technologies, such as 3D imaging, embedded sensors and radio-frequency identification systems to capture semantically-rich as-built histories of construction projects and facility operations. Dr. Akinci has one patent, two patent applications, over 60 referred journal publications, and 80 refereed conference publications. She co-edited a book on CAD/GIS Integration and another book on Embedded Commissioning. She has graduated more than 16 PhD students and 15 MS thesis students, and is currently advising/co-advising 4 PhD students.

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