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Leopoldo Gomez - External Community Member
Universidad de Guadalajara

Leopoldo Gómez has obtained his Master degree (in 2006) in Information technologies at the University of Guadalajara with the development of a 3D environment as a research tool for a Growing Functional Module controller (GFM paradigm). He obtained an engineer degree (in 2000) on computer science by making and presented a project that could help on teachers attendance by getting their position and ID from a static physical device and retrieving the related data from a local DB such information was stored on a web interface in order to be viewed by users. Leopoldo has always had the concern of making practical projects for real life problems. By now he is a PhD student in Information Technologies interested in Metaheuristics optimization techniques that could help on finding the 'best' path searching way with the use of static and dynamic data to optimize the use of the infrastucture in a system.

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