• Center for Space Exploration Technology Research

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Mission and Goals

The Center activities are aligned with the University of Texas at El Paso's strategies of creating a broad range of educational opportunities for students, and economic and sociocultural opportunities for the regional area. The Center for Space Exploration Technology Research (cSETR) creates opportunities to link and integrate UTEP’s research efforts in aerospace and energy into a broad, interdisciplinary research venture.

Funders and Collaborators

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), The US Department of Energy (DOE), The US Department of Defense (DOD), The US Department of Education, University of Maryland, Shell Oil Company, Sandia National Laboratories, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Jacobs, Texas Space Grant Consortium, Lockheed Martin, National Oilwell Varco, Orbital Science Corporation, Wyle.


  • Advanced and Non-Toxic Chemical Propulsion
  • Aerospace Systems and Subsystems Design and Characterization
  • Thermal Barrier Coatings and Materials
  • Composite and Nano-Materials for Energy and Aerospace Applications
  • Advanced Sensing Technologies
  • Economic and Risk Analysis/Assessment
  • Computational Mechanics: Computational fluid and structural dynamics

  • Development of Non-Toxic Propulsion Systems and Subsystems
  • Development of Micropropulsion and Miniaturized Space Systems
  • Modeling and Characterization of Oxygen-Hydrocarbon Ignition Physics
  • Oxy-Fuel Combustion, High hydrogen content fuels and Gas-Solid Fluidized Bed Dynamics
  • Model Development for Monitoring, Simulation, and Risk Assessment of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Sequestration
  • Design and Optimization of Spark and Thermal Igniters
  • Characterization and Analysis of Thermo-fluid, Thermo-mechanical Propellant Properties
  • Development of Thermal Barrier Coatings for High Heat Flux Chambers and separately for Turbine Technology
  • Development and Qualification of Swirl Hydrocarbon Injectors
  • In-Situ Resource Utilization and Extraction: Chemical, Geophysical and Remote Sensing Approaches to Resource Discovery & Characterization
  • Structural Design of Space Systems and Fluid Structure Interaction for development of Recovery Mechanisms of Lift Stages
  • Energy and Aerospace Technical Performance Assessment and Trade Studies
  • Education in Aerospace, Energy and Mechanical Engineering

    Everett, Louis
    Investigator: Systems Engineering and Dynamics, Education
    Engineering - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

    Lin, Yirong
    Investigator: Nano-materials and Advanced Sensing
    Engineering - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

    Shafirovich, Evgeny
    Investigator: Combustion, Oxygen
    Engineering - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

    Hurtado, Jose
    Investigator: Remote Sensing and ISRU
    Science - Earth, Environmental and Resource Sciences


    Research students within the Center are well trained in hazardous materials handling and experimentation

    Student Researchers prepare for a micropropulsion test

    cSETR has a suite of instrumentation including a wide variety of progressive imaging techniques including high speed imaging, PLIF, PIV, shadow graph, schlieren imaging, etc.

    cSETR's suite of instrumentation

    Students work on a rig to be flown on the microgravity flight for NASA.