Peter Rotwein

Texas Tech University Health Science Center El Paso
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Peter Rotwein
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center El Paso

My laboratory studies how hormone and growth factor mediated signaling networks influence genetically determined regulatory programs to control cell differentiation and function. We have been interested particularly in mechanisms controlling the dynamic assembly and disassembly of multi-protein complexes at different stages of signal propagation. Our current focus is on two distinct problems within this broad topic. First, we have established live-cell imaging models that allow us to characterize the effects of different growth factors and their receptors on the same signal transduction pathways. Using these models, we would like to define the unique signaling dynamics that distinguish the biological actions of different growth factors in controlling cell fate. Second, in the process of elucidating the molecular mechanisms of action of growth hormone (GH), we have learned that the latent transcription factor, Stat5b, is a critical component of GH-regulated insulin-like growth factor 1 gene expression. We would like to understand at a biochemical level of resolution the dynamics of activation of Stat5b in the cell, particularly how it interacts with other transcriptional regulatory proteins at specific DNA binding sites on chromatin near target genes. Our studies relate broadly to both normal physiology and to the abnormalities that drive carcinogenesis, and have potential translational impact in human disease by providing insights into how to influence both normal and aberrant signaling pathways.



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