Community of Practice on Aging
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We are an interdisciplinary educational and research based community of practice focused on aging. We conduct educational offerings and research focused on the processes of aging and the geriatric population. We welcome a broad range of content expertise and use a wide variety of data collection, analytic techniques, and educational methods. We would like to capitalize on existing expertise and resources to promote a data base of community of practice members showing scholarship and practice on older adult populations in the El Paso del Norte border region.


Members of the community of practice on aging aspire to increase the presence of aging in scholarship and curriculum at UTEP. This will be accomplished through integrating community partners to build on community based participatory education and research. We are committed to facilitate mentoring of faculty, students, and community members to have an opportunity to engage in educational offerings focused on aging and meaningful research issues specific to this unique border population. Through these activities we hope to build an interdisciplinary focus on aging by developing a curriculum and implementing a certificate on aging at the undergraduate and graduate level. Our ultimate goal is to develop a center on aging to promote excellence in research, teaching, and practice.


  1. adult
  2. aging
  3. geriatric


  1. Health and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  2. Education for the 21st Century Demographic
  3. Other


Clinical Assistant Professor
Health Sciences - Occupational Therapy
Community Engagement, International Service-Learning, Productive Aging, Spinal Cord Injury, Occupational Therapy Education, Teaching and Learning
Featured: Awards

Associate Professor
Health Sciences - Kinesiology
skeletal muscle, metabolism, insulin resistance, obesity, type 2 diabetes, exercise, high fat diet, nutrition, lipid metabolism, COVID-19

Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts - Psychology
Cognition, Cognitive Aging, Attention, Timing, Aging, Learning, Memory, Community Engaged Scholarship, Service Learning,
Featured: Awards

Engineering - Civil Engineering
transportation engineering, intelligent transportation systems, transportation security, cross border transportation, transportation-health, smart cities
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Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy - Pharmacy
aging, geriatrics, liver cancer, liver disease, health disparities, opioids, border health, pharmacy, pharmacy education, alcohol or substance abuse, interprofessional education, Covid-19, coronavirus


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