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The Global Reach Community (GRC) is comprised of faculty and staff interested in extending UTEP’s presence and impact in global research and education. We seek to share experiences and information, develop partnerships on and off campus, identify and strengthen institutional support, increase global understanding among students through experiential learning, and extend the meaning of community engagement.


We aspire to advance UTEP's commitment to scholarly and creative activities by institutionalizing best practices in extending our global reach to enhance student learning, promote faculty development, and support research partnerships.


  1. Campus internationalization and engagement
  2. Global Education
  3. Global Experiential Learning
  4. International research collaborations


  1. Education for the 21st Century Demographic


Associate Professor
Health Sciences - Physical Therapy
global health education, Interprofessional Education, linguistic competence / linguistic safety in physical therapist education
Featured: Awards

Clinical Assistant Professor
School of Pharmacy - Pharmacy
asthma, cystic fibrosis, Health Disparities, Health Outcomes, medication adherence, medication safety, patient/caregiver education, pediatric chronic disease, pediatric pharmacy

Education - Teacher Education
action, constructivism, curriculum, education, edutainment, instruction, integration, learning, Physics, problem-based, real-world, Science, STEM, Teaching, technology, video
Featured: Awards

Associate Professor
Liberal Arts - Music
anthropology, Diaspora, ethnomusicology, Performance

Health Sciences - Public Health Sciences
Animal models, attention, child lead exposure, cognitive neuroscience, dentate gyrus, developmental neurotoxicity, developmental neurotoxicology, inhibitory control, interdisciplinary, motor dexterity, neuroinflammation, neuropsychology, translational, working memory
Featured: Awards

Internationalization Strategies for the 21st Century
External Resource
Gaspare Genna

This is a presentation given at the National Conference on Trusteeship by Brad Farnsworth, Assistant Vice President, Center for Internationalization and Global Engagement, American Council on Education (4/19/16).

University of South Floridal World
External Resource
Gaspare Genna

This is an example of institutionalized global engagement at a major university.

Global Purdue University
External Resource
Gaspare Genna

This is an example of institutionalized global engagement at a major university.


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