Mental and Emotional Well-Being
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The Mental and Emotional Well-Being (MEWB) Community is composed of academics, practitioners, administrators, students/trainees, policy makers, and other stakeholders invested in reducing the prevalence of mental illness and promoting mental and emotional well-being in the Paso del Norte region. The primary purpose of the community is to cultivate a professional, binational, interdisciplinary, MEWB network that engages in informed and meaningful collaborations. By coordinating face-to-face dialogues and utilizing digital platforms that host data and resource sharing, this community of practice will act as a catalyst to empower the broader community to facilitate change in the health of the region.


We aspire to be a community who nimbly responds to the region’s mental and emotional well-being needs by building and maintaining an infrastructure that adopts a common agenda, utilizes shared measurement, engages in mutually reinforcing activities (e.g., teaching, learning, and funding opportunities), and promotes continuous communication.


  1. Dialogues
  2. Meaningful Collaborations
  3. Mental Illnes


  1. Health and Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  2. Cross-cutting: U.S.-Mexico and Latin America: Social and Behavioral Issues


Cooper, Ted
Associate Professor
Liberal Arts - Psychology

Associate Professor
Education - Educational Psychology and Special Services
Bilingual Special Education, Culturally Responsive Special Education, Effects of Violence on Student Learning., Individualized Psycho Educational Assessment, Working with parents of culturally diverse students with special needs

Associate Professor
Liberal Arts - Psychology
community corrections, criminal justice, mental health stigma, mental illness, trauma
Featured: Awards

Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts - Psychology
Politics, social cognition
Featured: Awards

Research Assistant Professor
Liberal Arts - Psychology
alcohol, behavioral health, Community Engaged Scholarship, Community Partnerships, Health Disparities, Mental and emotional well-being, recovery, substance use


Psicóloga en el Comunitario Plutarco Elías Calles
El Paso Child Guidance Center
Health Care Management Services, Amerigroup Texas
Department of Veterans Affair
Liderazgo y Formación Estudiantil Campus Cuidad Juárez Tecnológico de Monterrey
Empower Change
UTEP Resource
Ted Cooper

Achieving a Collective, Enduring Impact on Mental and Emotional Well-Being of the Paso del Norte Region.

Empower Change PDF
UTEP Resource
Ted Cooper

Paso del Norte, Behavioral Health, Resource List

UTEP Resource
Ted Cooper

The Prevention and Treatment in Clinical Health (PATCH) laboratory is located in the Department of Psychology at the University of Texas at El Paso

El Paso Behavioral Health Consortium
External Resource
Effective Practice
Ted Cooper

The El Paso Behavioral Health Consortium (Consortium) convened to examine the El Paso community behavioral health system in preparation for future service needs and funding trends. Its actions are informed by community leaders and available data including an El Paso County behavioral health system assessment conducted in 2014.


I3 Move Communities provide a way to share expertise, resources, and community information to the general public. There are numerous tools available, both open source and proprietary, for engaging in dialog and sharing information and knowledge within a closed group.

Communities have access to IBM SmartCloud, a tool that provides a Cloud Computing solution for sharing files, defining activities, creating blogs, developing wikis, and promoting ideas. To request an account and training on IBM SmartCloud, contact econnect@utep.edu.

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