Carl Lieb

Biology Building (Engineering and Sciences Complex)
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Carl Lieb
Professor, Biological Sciences - Faculty Senate - Environmental Science and Engineering - Environmental Science (College of Science) - Biology, Ecology and Evolution - Bioinformatics

Dr. Lieb’s areas of expertise are in evolution, biodiversity, and herpetology. His current research interests lie in the conservation biology, evolutionary genetics, and insect-transmitted diseases of reptiles. In his capacity as the Curator of Herpetology for UTEP’s Biodiversity Collections he also works collaboratively with other UTEP faculty to promote or assist in the use of reptiles and amphibians in all types of biological and environmental science research. He also has broad field experience with the biota of the southern and southwestern United States, and of Mexico and Central America, but in recent years have focused most of his field activities on plants and animals of the Chihuahuan Desert ecoregion.


  1. Zoology
  2. Biology Education
  3. Biodiversity
  4. Evolution
  5. Herpetology

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