Sweta Andrews

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Sweta Andrews
Clinical Assistant Professor, Pharmacy

As a Transitions-of care (TOC) resident, Dr. Andrews have had the opportunity to witness first-hand that lack of care coordination among healthcare professionals, sometimes leads to unnecessary prescribing, thereby increasing the healthcare dollars of our country.
As a clinical faculty at UTEP School of Pharmacy, in addition to Dr. Andrews's commitment to teaching, she would need to establish a practice site where she can begin to meet the medication-related needs of patients and coordinate care among healthcare professionals including pharmacists. Additionally, she will also encourage her students to engage in research related activities by serving as their mentor.
Her research interests stems primarily from her enthusiasm to be a patient advocate, and provide best possible care to her patients’ at most affordable costs. With her background in MBA, and a growing healthcare professional, she is certainly comfortable that her research interests complement each other exceptionally well.


  1. Transitions of Care
  2. Chronic disease management
  3. Medication Therapy Management
  4. Immunizations
  5. Point-of Care Testing
  6. Non-adherence to drug therapy
  7. Collaborative Practice
  8. Pharmacy Reimbursement
  9. Underserved populations
  10. Opioid management
  11. Role of pharmacists in conducting wellness screenings
  12. Post-Graduate Training after Pharm.D
  13. Pharmacy students perception about pharmacy school professors
  14. Challenges and opportunities for pharmacy students with English as second language