Removal of Biological Pathogens Using Surfactant-Modified Zeolite

Removal of Biological Pathogens Using Surfactant-Modified Zeolite
Inventors: Dirk Schulze-Makuch, Robert Bowman, Suresh Pillai
Patent No. 7,311,839

This patent is for a pathogen filter that quickly and effectively removes pathogens from a fluid using a portable filter. Pathogens removed include bacteria, viruses, and parasitic protozoa. The portable filter is well suited for long-term filtration for wells, potable water, a water bottle, in a filter packet, or in larger bodies of water. The filter comprises a surfactant-modified zeolite that conforms to variously-shaped openings in water sources, such as a well. Filter components can be manufactured in a variety of sizes for fast water rate discharge through the filter for long-term efficacy. Cheaply manufactured, the filter can be produced for around $0.50 per pound or less than $500 per cubic meter.

Systems and methods are described for removing biological pathogens using surfactant-modified zeolite (SMZ). A method for removing biological pathogens from a fluid or a fluid-based gel includes filtering the fluid or fluid-based gel using SMZs. A method for removing air-borne biological pathogens includes drawing air through a fluid layer or a fluid-based gel layer and filtering the fluid or the fluid-based gel layer using SMZs.

Issue Date: 12/25/2007
Application Date: 05/02/2003
Post Date: 03/02/2018

UTEP Docket No: 2002-002