Process for Separating Lipids From a Biomass

Process for Separating Lipids From a Biomass
Inventors: Russell Chianelli, Calvin Hildebrand, Joaquin Rodriguez
Patent No. 8,476,060

This patent consists of a chemical treatment used to separate lipids from algae cells after the algae cells are ultrasonically broken. Lipids can then be extracted using conventional methods.

A novel low cost separation process for separating lipid oil from an algal biomass for biofuel production is described herein. The process of the present invention comprises of two steps: (i) breaking the algae cells and (ii) separation of the lipid oils from the broken cells. The separated lipids are extracted by conventional techniques followed by conversion to a biofuel

Issue Date: 07/02/2013
Application Date: 04/02/2010
Post Date: 03/02/2018

UTEP Docket No: 2008-009