Ahmed El-Gendy

Physical Sciences Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Ahmed A El-Gendy
Assistant Professor, Physics

As demonstrated by Dr. El-Gendy's accomplishments summarized in my curriculum vitae, He has made significant contributions in the fields of magnetic nanostructured materials and their potential in permanent magnets, hybrid cars, data storage, magnetic refrigeration, magnetic hyperthermia therapy for innovative cancer treatment, and contrast agents for MRI technology. Dr.s El-Gendy's innovative approach to the field of Nanomagnetism has received significant public attention in recent years. Just in the last few years, Dr. El-Gendy published more than 65 peer-reviewed scholarly articles in top-tier scientific journals, including Applied Physics Letters, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, IEEE magnetic letters, Carbon. His significant contributions to the field are clear from my authored scholarly articles that have garnered over 500 citations in a few years and my numerous invited talks at international symposiums. he has two published US patents on the use of tiny nanomagnets for data storage applications and Brain Phantom using Casting and 3D Printing. Recently, Dr. El-Gendy filed a patent for the clinical level of plasmonic enhanced magnetic hyperthermia cancer therapy. Furthermore, last year, He published his first book in one of the most prestigious book publishers, ELSEVIER 2018, titled “Magnetic Nanostructured Materials: From Lab. to Fab.’’ The book summarizes all the updated research of magnetic nanostructured materials and their potential for many current technological applications. Dr. El-Gendy is certain that his scientific breakthrough will have a profound humanitarian impact on the scientific community.


  1. Nanotechnology
  2. Material science
  3. Nanomagnetics
  4. Magnetic Hyperthermia
  5. Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  6. Drug Delivery
  7. Permanent Magnets
  8. Magnetocaloric for magnetic refrigeration
  9. Tribo-electric generators for energy harvesting
  10. Exchange bias for magnetic data storage