Amy Bach

EDUC 610
Education Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
Phone Logo(915) 747-5791
Curriculum Vitae


Amy Bach
Assistant Professor, Teacher Education
Director, Co-lead the Ethnography of Languages, Literacies, and Learning (EL3) Lab

As a practitioner and researcher, I am committed to working with and within institutions of public education and in the service of historically marginalized and otherwise disadvantaged students. My research interests, the university courses I have designed and taught, and my work outside of the academy are interdisciplinary and center on examining education and literacy, broadly conceived. Understanding literacy as deeply social, cultural, and political activity; exploring literacy practices as tools for civic engagement and participation; and examining multimodal and critical engagements with literacy via media texts are at the heart of my research interests and work. I employ anthropological methods to study literacy, the socio-cultural contexts in which it is practiced, and the meanings individuals and communities ascribe onto their engagements with different kinds of texts.


  1. Adult literacy
  2. Youth/community media
  3. Public school closures
  4. Visual and multimodal literacy
  5. Transfronterizxs and schooling
  6. Anthropology of Education


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