Andrea Tirres

Andrea L Tirres
Staff, Research and Sponsored Projects (Office of)
Manager, Interdisciplinary Network - Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

Andrea Tirres is the Interdisciplinary Network Manager within the Office of Research and Sponsored Projects. Her efforts center on creating a framework through which research teams, communities of practice, and individuals are provided with strategic opportunities, tools, and knowledge to advance interdisciplinary research and activities. She also serves as Deputy Director of the Computing Alliance of Hispanic-Serving Institutions (CAHSI), an NSF INCLUDES national alliance. As a member of the CAHSI Backbone, she focuses on training leadership within each geographic region, building strategic relationships with industry and nonprofit stakeholders at a national level, and managing the CAHSI Student Scholars Leadership Program. She is co-advocate of the Interdisciplinary Research and Education Community of Practice and also serves on the President's Advisory Committee on Campus Sustainability. Tirres has contributed to a variety of projects during her career, including shared water resources in the context of individual, community and government management, affordable lending products within the financial services sector, and community development. She holds an M.P.Aff. from the University of Texas at Austin and a B.A. from Stanford University.


  1. Interdisciplinary
  2. Transdisciplinary
  3. Translational
  4. Community of practice
  5. Inclusion
  6. Hispanic-Serving Institutions