Anthony Tarquin

Engineering Building (Engineering and Sciences Complex)
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Anthony J Tarquin
Professor, Civil Engineering - Environmental Science and Engineering

Dr. Tarquin's Research interests lie in two major areas: (1) Environmental Engineering, and (2) Teaching Effectiveness. In Environmental Engineering, Dr. Tarquin's research is in water and wastewater treatment, including projects related to industrial wastewater treatment, domestic wastewater treatment, water treatment plant optimization, and a small waste flows. His most recent projects pertain to water treatment operations and desalting projects, particularly the economic aspects of alternative treatment processes for DBP control and concentrate management in desalting systems. Other current projects concern water resources in arid environments, including recycling, reuse, conservation, and their associated economic considerations. With respect to teaching effectiveness, Dr. Tarquin has experimented with alternative teaching techniques for many years. Past projects have included self-paced instruction, videotaped courses, and time-compressed videotaped lectures. Current projects involve web-based, self-paced courses.


  1. Water treatment optimization
  2. Membrane desalting
  3. Concentrate management
  4. Disinfection by-product control


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