Amy Wagler

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Amy E Wagler
Associate Professor, Mathematical Sciences - Computational Science - Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC)

Dr. Amy Wagler conducts research on models with categorical outcomes, including generalized linear and mixed models, and, in particular, she specializes in simultaneous estimation of quantities resulting from these models. Many of her research projects involve making small sample adaptations to estimation procedures for generalized linear and mixed models and developing powerful methods of multiplicity control for non-normally distributed endpoints. Dr. Wagler also working on projects where latent variables are integrated into generalized linear mixed models while controlling for multiplicity of inferences in these settings. Another aspect of her scholarly activity involves work on various applications of generalized linear models in educational research. Current research topics include: English language learners experiences and resources when learning introductory statistics, assessing the lexical and grammatical complexity of introductory statistics textbooks, science and statistics integration activities, and the use of calibration exercises and post-dictions in introductory statistics.


  1. Generalized linear mixed models
  2. Latent variable models
  3. Multiple comparisons
  4. Simultaneous inference
  5. Bias reduction and small sample size adjustments in generalized linear models settings
  6. Readability of instructional materials
  7. Language and culture in statistics education