Barry Benedict

Engineering Building (Engineering and Sciences Complex)
El Paso Texas, 79968
Phone Logo(915) 747-5604
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Barry Arden Benedict
Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Benedict has about twenty years of academic leadership experience, and he has been on faculties at both public and private institutions. His experiences have led to expertise, teaching, and research in topics such as strategic planning, quality management principles, organizational behavior, innovation, frugal innovation, interdisciplinary efforts, life cycle assessment, sustainability, scenario planning, policy analysis, diffusion of innovation, and energy systems. He also created the Center for Inland Desalinations Systems at UTEP. He is currently extending these tools into areas of direct potable reuse, asset management in water and wastewater treatment plants, energy efficiency and conservation, and penetration of renewables into the market. He also has extensive research experience in contaminant transport (in surface and ground waters, as well as in the atmosphere.) He has recently been part of a team developing an extensive online climate education resource and community (www.camelclimatechange.org). He has served as an expert witness in several cases involving hydrologic events such as hurricanes, storms, and environmental impacts. He has been a consultant to the United Nations Development Program in India.


  1. Sustainability
  2. Diffusion of Innovation
  3. Energy
  4. Life Cycle Assessment
  5. Scenario Planning