Bob Currey

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Bob M Currey
Staff, Research and Sponsored Projects (Office of)
Assistant Vice President, Office of Research and Sponsored Projects

Bob Currey has served as Assistant VP for Research at The University of Texas at El Paso since the summer of 2009. His expertise and responsibilities include: congressional and federal relations; promoting and facilitating research in the defense and security and energy/environment/sustainability sectors; management and governance of organized research units and consortia; liaison with area military installations; establishment of the physical and administrative infrastructure to support sensitive and classified research activities at UTEP; and special, time-sensitive projects. He is a member of the UT System National Security Advisory Group. He is a proven director/manager of large, grant-funded, multi-institution, multi-discipline research programs and organizations. Prior to becoming AVPR he was a program manager, assistant director, associate director and director of UTEP’s Center for Environmental Resource Management. He has served on university committees to develop research strategic plans, and on binational (US-Mexico) committees and task forces addressing the environmental problems of the border region shared by the two countries, especially in the areas of air quality and its impact on health.


  1. Defense
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