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Blythe Cates
Senior Lecturer, Music
Program Coordinator, Music Department
Grant Writing, Voice Area

One of the keys to becoming a successful vocal instructor is the ability to identify suitable music for each student that is appropriately matched to their skill level. There is a vast and varied amount of vocal repertoire for the mature and even high school level singer; unfortunately many of the traditional art songs, modern musical theater songs, and modern commercial music of past decades are not appropriate for the specific needs of the changing adolescent voice. Due to a limited understanding of the physiologic maturation process unique to adolescents, professors and teachers are often hesitant to work with this age group. As a result, professors, teachers, and students often do not delve into some of the emerging repertoire that would be best suited to the developing adolescent female voice. Adolescence marks the final phase in development to vocal maturity and thus, an effective style for such students in crucial. Identifying correct vocal training techniques for adolescent students is a difficult task. Dr. Cates’ research codifies this knowledge for music teachers by identifying the specifics of vocal development of adolescent females, and recommending repertoire choices suitable for vocal students. Ultimately, readers gain an understanding of what to expect from female students during this stage of development.


  1. Vocal health
  2. Pubescent female voices
  3. Belting
  4. Song database
  5. Repertoire
  6. Female voice
  7. Adolescent

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