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Binata Joddar
Assistant Professor, Metallurgical, Materials and Biomedical Engineering (MMBME) - Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC)

Binata Joddar is an assistant professor in the Department of Metallurgy, Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering at UTEP. Dr. Joddar received her PhD from Clemson University (SC), from the joint Bioengineering program between Clemson and The Medical University of South Carolina. Following this she received post-doctoral training in cardiovascular biology and disease at The Ohio State University in the Department of Biomedical Engineering where she was awarded with ‘Distinguished Post-Doctoral Researcher’ award. She then attained a ‘Foreign Post-Doctoral Fellowship’ from the renowned research institute RIKEN in Japan to work with stem cells and regenerative medicine. She has published numerous research articles and reviews in high impact journals and is also well cited. She also serves as an Editor for Scientific Reviews and a reviewer for Biomaterials, Acta Biomaterialia, and Tissue Engineering. Her research expertise is in the areas of biomaterials & stem-cell based tissue engineering; to explore and solve problems in cardiovascular and neural tissue regeneration.


  1. Stomach wall regeneration.
  2. Neuronal differentiation of stem cells
  3. Cardiac tissue on a chip
  4. Tissue engineering
  5. Stem cells
  6. Biomaterials


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