Christina Sobin

Health Sciences and School of Nursing Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Christina Sobin
Professor, Public Health Sciences - Border Biomedical Research Center (BBRC) - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Director, Interdisciplinary Health Sciences PhD Program

Dr. Sobin and her research team conduct translational research examining brain and behavior during development. They focus on cognitive concomitants and sequelae of genetic variants and medical conditions which provide a natural manipulation of brain mechanisms that may be unrecognized as critical for mental health. Results from Dr. Sobin's child studies are guiding the development of novel animal models. Currently, they are studying effects on brain and behavior of early chronic low-level heavy metal exposure, using lead as a representative contaminant. Child studies provided new evidence that the hPEPT2*2 genetic variant increased blood lead burden and predicted a specific pattern of deficits in exposed children. In translational mouse models Dr. Sobin duplicated the low exposure levels of child participants, quantified loss of microglia in dentate gyrus, and is currently characterizing associated behavioral effects. Via interdisciplinary collaboration, Dr. Sobin's laboratory is also studying organs altered by lead exposure that may secondarily impact brain health and resilience.


  1. Translational
  2. Interdisciplinary
  3. Cognitive Neuroscience
  4. Neuropsychology
  5. Developmental Neurotoxicology
  6. Developmental Neurotoxicity
  7. Child Lead Exposure
  8. Animal Models
  9. Dentate Gyrus
  10. Neuroinflammation
  11. Working Memory
  12. Attention
  13. Inhibitory Control
  14. Motor Dexterity