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Chris D Kiekintveld
Associate Professor, Computer Science - Computational Science

Dr. Kiekintveld's research is driven by the vision of intelligent computer systems that harness the power of modern computing and big data for decision making in complex domains. These computer systems may function as autonomous agents, or act in cooperation with humans as holistic decision support systems. Intelligent agents are already used for trading in financial markets, to drive vehicles, to aid physicians, to monitor computer networks for security breaches, and for many other important real-world problems. He works to build the next generation of intelligent agents that are more scalable, adaptive, and robust, and to explore new applications of intelligent agents that will have significant impact on society.Dr. Kiekintveld's basic research is primarily in the area of intelligent systems, with interdisciplinary connections to economics and operations research. He is particularly interested in decision making and analysis for large, complex problems with uncertainty. This has led to numerous contributions in computational game theory, optimization, agent-based simulation, machine learning, mechanism design, and related areas. He is also interested in various applications of intelligent agents, including security, markets, trading agents, energy, and transportation. Much of his recent work focuses on security, including applications of game theory in both infrastructure protection and computer network security. He has also made contributions in the area of trading agents and market design, including supply chain management and more recent work on energy markets.


  1. Intelligent agents
  2. Multi-agent systems
  3. Security
  4. Game theory
  5. Decision making under uncertainty
  6. Algorithms