Celia Pechak

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El Paso Texas, 79968
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Celia M Pechak
Associate Professor, Physical Therapy - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Rehabilitation and global health are the overarching themes of Dr. Pechak's four primary lines of research: international service-learning, international clinical education, global health competencies, and linguistic competence in physical therapist education. While there is no broadly accepted definition, Koplan et al define global health as "an area for study, research, and practice that places a priority on improving health and achieving health equity for all people worldwide." (p1995) Dr. Pechak's research has focused on determining how physical therapists should prepare for, and pursue, effective and ethical engagement with underserved populations. Reflecting the fact that global health issues transcend borders, her research is motivated by questions with both international and local relevance. Her newest research line, linguistic competence, explores how to most effectively integrate Spanish language training across a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) curriculum. Her vision is that the UTEP DPT Program will be the exemplary educational model of how to prepare health professions students to effectively work with low English proficiency Spanish-speaking patients.

1. Koplan JP, Bond TC, Merson MH, Reddy KS, Rodriguez MH, Sewankambo NK, et al. Towards a common definition of global health. Lancet. 2009;373:1993-1995.


  1. International Service-Learning
  2. International Clinical Education
  3. Global Health Education
  4. Linguistic Competence / Linguistic Safety in Physical Therapist Education
  5. Interprofessional Education


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