Celia Pechak

Campbell Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
Phone Logo(915) 747-7289
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Celia M Pechak
Professor, Physical Therapy - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

Global health education and reducing health disparities are the overarching themes of Dr. Pechak's primary research interests: global health competencies, linguistic competence, and interprofessional education (IPE). While there is no broadly accepted definition, Dr. Pechak concurs that "Global health [is] not bound by geography and focuses on vulnerable communities with limited resources...”1 Her research has focused on preparing health professions graduates for effective and ethical engagement with underserved and/or vulnerable populations, regardless of the location, in order to reduce health disparities. The focus of her linguistic competence research is to develop a tool to evaluate physical therapist students’ clinically-relevant Spanish. Her vision is that the UTEP DPT Program will be the exemplary educational model of how to prepare health professions students to effectively work with limited English proficient Spanish-speaking patients. Dr. Pechak also has growing expertise in IPE. She is an active member of the Health-Focused IPE Community of Practice.1.Balasta MA, Khanal Y, McGinniss J, Moyer P, Rabin TL. Global health without boundaries: structuring domestic and international opportunities to explore global health in a graduate internal medicine training program. Annals Global Health. 2016;82(6)1026-1033.


  1. Global Health Education
  2. Linguistic Competence / Linguistic Safety in Physical Therapist Education
  3. Interprofessional Education