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Calvin M. Stewart
Associate Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Calvin M. Stewart is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at UTEP with a joint appointment in the Center for Space Exploration Technology Research (cSETR), a NASA University Research Center. He obtained a BS, MS, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Central Florida in 2008, 2009, and 2013 respectively. Dr. Stewart directs the Materials at Extremes Research Group (MERG) which focuses on the mechanical testing, constitutive modeling, and finite element analysis of materials subject to thermal, mechanical, and chemical extremes. Within the gamut of extremes; creep, fatigue, thermomechanical fatigue, corrosion, oxidation, impact, and fracture are key focus areas. Dr. Stewart has authored over 40 articles in these areas. Current research involves the development of an accelerated creep test protocol for modern and advanced superalloys, development of meta-constitutive model capable of self-identifying the optimal functional form for a given material and boundary conditions, the development of unified viscoplasticity constitutive models for elevated temperature applications, and the fundamental thermomechanical characterization of electron beam melted (EBM) superalloys. Materials of interest include: cast and additively manufactured (AM) superalloys, AM polymers, biomaterials, energetic materials, transportation materials, and others. Computational interests include: stochastic modeling and meta-heuristic optimization algorithms for material constant determination, symbolic regression, and shape optimization.


  1. Constitutive Model Development
  2. Continuum Damage Mechanics
  3. Creep and Plasticity
  4. Fatigue Analysis
  5. Fracture Mechanics
  6. Life Prediction
  7. Structural Analysis
  8. Design Optimization
  9. Finite Element Analysis