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César Augusto Rossatto
Professor, Teacher Education
Director, Socio-Cultural Foundations of Education (SCFE) Director/Chair

Dr. Rossatto is graduated from UCLA with expertise on: critical pedagogy, critical multiculturalism, social justice, sociology of education, and educational sociocultural foundations; teaching to university-wide professors, graduate students, undergraduate students, principals, and educators in general. He is a Full Professor from Sociocultural Foundations of Education Unit within the Department of Teacher Education. Duties also include mentoring of junior faculty and enhancement of programs' quality. He is a Honorary Consul to Brazil. He is recipient of Medal of Honors Condecoration for Research/Diplomatic Services. He is an international lecturer on a variety of topics within a critical social analysis of race and sociology of education. He has authored and edited national and international first-tier academic books and journals. He has experience fundraising, organizing, and directing successfully four times the: International Conference on Education, Labor and Emancipation. He has a commitment to social justice, activism, dialectic, and dialogical education and praxis. His experience also includes hands-on experience teaching disenfranchised groups in non-traditional settings. He has done extensive work in participatory, quantitative, and qualitative academic research. He is well versed on critical educational theories, critical pedagogy, Paulo Freire's work, critical temporal theory, social context of education, organizational politics, multiculturalism, and urban education, critical race theory, critical theory, global/international education.


  1. Sociology of Education
  2. Social Context of Education
  3. Deconstruction of Whiteness
  4. Critical Race Theory
  5. Paulo Freire: Pedagogy of the Oppressed
  6. Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice
  7. Diversity in Classroom Settings
  8. Current Topics in Multiculturalism
  9. Curriculum Studies,Schools and Communities in Partnership
  10. Historical
  11. Philosophical Foundations of Education
  12. Teaching Elementary Social Studies
  13. Research for Classroom Teachers
  14. Quantitative and Qualitative Methodology Research in Education and Decolonizing Epistemologies and Methodologies