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Char Claire Ullman
Associate Professor, Teacher Education
Program Coordinator, Sociocultural Foundations of Education (SCFE) Program Area

Char Ullman is an educational anthropologist at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP), where she is an associate professor of the sociocultural foundations of education. Her work focuses on identities and ideologies in education, exploring the impact of globalization and neoliberalism through the use of critical ethnographic methods. She has published in cultural anthropology, migration studies, applied linguistics, cultural studies, adult education, and educational anthropology journals. In 2014, she co-authored the book The Globalization and Corporatization of Education: The Limits and Liminality of the Market Mantra with Deni Blum, and in 2015, she co-authored Methods for the Ethnography of Communication: Language in Use in Schools and Communities with Judith Kaplan-Weinger. Her most recent book, Graduate Students Becoming Qualitative Researchers An Ethnographic Study, co-written with Kate Mangelsdorf and Jair Muñoz (Char is first author) was published by Routledge in 2020.With her most recent project now in print, she is laying the groundwork for her next project, which will be a critical, comparative, ethnography of policy study. Texas is a “no promo homo” state, which means that public school teachers are forbidden from portraying LGBTQ people in a positive light. It also has an anti-bullying policy that does not specify which groups are protected and often ends up punishing the students who have been bullied. Meanwhile, next door in New Mexico – not “no promo homo” state – a gender inclusive schools policy was recently instituted to create an educational environment free of discrimination for all students, regardless of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Also, Las Cruces Public Schools has a policy to protect the safety of all students, regardless of gender or sexuality. Char wants to understand what these disparate policies look like on the ground, through studying the lived experiences of students, faculty, and administrators at one high school in El Paso, Texas and another in Las Cruces, New Mexico, Her goal is to investigate how these disparate policies shape everyday life in schools.


  1. Educational Anthropology
  2. Identities and Ideologies in Education
  3. Globalization and Education
  4. Language Use and Language Learning
  5. Multicultural Teacher Education
  6. Queer Issues in Education.