Dominic Dousa

Fox Fine Arts Center
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Dominic M Dousa
Professor, Music

Dr. Dousa's professional creative activities are centered on original composition and accompanying. As a member of a university music department that emphasizes training music educators, he focuses his work in original composition on music that can have a broad impact across different communities. His compositional output includes works intended for professional performers, as well as pieces for college and high school student groups, such as ensembles in which UTEP students perform and ones that they will conduct in their own professional careers. These compositions have received successful presentations at conferences, festivals, universities, and other professional settings throughout the U.S. and abroad; as well as at school and community events, both here in El Paso and elsewhere.In addition to his activities as a composer, Dr. Dousa has been active as an accompanist and chamber musician. At UTEP, he has performed numerous recitals with fellow faculty members and have participated as a pianist in events in local, national, and international venues. In addition to his teaching activities, being active in these areas demonstrates the flexibility and versatility that is so important for succeeding in music today. Dr. Dousa believes it is vital for students to observe a teacher of musicianship skills and academic music courses apply his or her knowledge to both composition and performance. Being active as a performer reinforces the practical importance of learning musicianship skills, gives students a perspective on how academic work fits into their overall course of music study, and provides an example of what it means to be a complete musician.


  1. Music composition
  2. Music theory
  3. Collaborative piano
  4. Accompanying
  5. Music theory and composition pedagogy