Imad Abdallah

Engineering Building (Engineering and Sciences Complex)
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Imad N Abdallah
Research Associate Professor, Civil Engineering - Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems (CTIS)
Executive Director, Center for Transportation Infrastructure Systems

Dr. Abdallah is the Executive Director of the Center for Transportation Research Systems (CTIS) responsible for oversight and management of the center’s $3 million budget. He is also a Research Associate Professor in Civil Engineering, with over twenty-five years of work experience. He has been instrumental in research efforts on many projects dealing with data modeling and analysis, especially in correlation analysis and modeling data uncertainty. He has experience related to analysis, design and management of pavement structures and pavement material characterization. As lead researcher on over two dozen research projects, his efforts have contributed to developing pavement performance models based on traditional and artificial intelligence, establishing algorithms that focused on uncertainty analysis for estimating the impact of construction quality on life-cycle performance of pavements, collecting and analyzing NDT data including seismic and deflection data and combining the data into integration algorithms that back-calculate layer properties from GPR, PSPA, SPA and FWD. He also has experience in developing expert systems related to pavements that combines numerical and engineering analyses with heuristic information to guide and recommend best alternatives. Most recently he has managed the software development team at CTIS on several transportation projects to provide online tools that assist engineering in analysis, design and evaluation.


  1. Pavement Material Characterization
  2. Pavement Management and Evaluation
  3. Artificial Intelligence Modeling
  4. Data Fusion Modeling
  5. Expert Systems Development