Elva Lopez

EDUC 609
Education Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
Phone Logo(915) 747-6655
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Elva R Lopez
Clinical Assistant Professor, Teacher Education

Dr. Elva Reza-López is an assistant clinical professor, an immigrant from Mexico and an English Language Learner. A former bilingual public school teacher, Dr. Reza- López advocates for humanizing the educational system for a more just and democratic society. As a clinical educator she works with undergraduate students to enhance the teaching and learning process for pre-service teachers by providing project –based education, in-depth inquiry of subject content that connects to a diverse classroom population and a critical and “Nepantlera” pedagogy for underrepresented / minority students. Dr. Reza-Lopez teaching curriculum, also, includes working with bilingual and dual-language students in the areas of Bilingual and Dual-Language Education. She teaches onsite in schools that offer these programs. Dr. Reza-Lopez has several publications that include following: (2014) Nepantlera Pedagogy: An Axiological Posture for Preparing Critical Conscious Teachers in the Borderlands, Journal of Latinos and Education, 13:1-13. (2012) Perdida/Lost: Self-Reflections in Nepantla as Voice Emerges, Sams, et.al. Excursions and Recursions Through Power, Privilege and Praxis, (2007) El discurso de la educación bilingüe en la frontera México-Estados Unidos: formación de identidades, relaciones de poder y opresión. Noesis.


  1. Biliteracy
  2. Bilingual Education
  3. Sheltered English
  4. Critical and Nepantlera Pedagogy