Carlos Ferregut

Engineering Building (Engineering and Sciences Complex)
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Carlos M Ferregut
Professor, Civil Engineering - Chemistry and Biochemistry
Department Chair, Civil Engineering

Dr. Ferregut’s expertise lies in the fields of engineering risk analysis, reliability-based design and stochastic modeling. He also has had extended experience on Nondestructive evaluation of engineering systems. Key aspects of his research include the development of dedicated probabilistic models, the study of the effects of statistical and model uncertainties, and the application of both classical (statistical) reliability theory, as well as structural (model-based) reliability analysis. The practical applications of his research are mostly related to civil and aerospace engineering systems, marked by a need to manage, assess, and/or minimize risks. To date, particular emphasis has been given to buildings, pavements, bridges, foundations, aircraft structures and aerospace structures, gas pipelines, ship structures and stochastic modeling of environmental risks, environmental problems, and a probabilistic treatment of the robustness and durability of engineering systems.


  1. Engineering risk analysis
  2. Reliability analysis
  3. Stochastic modeling
  4. Nondestructive evaluation
  5. Global engineering education