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Gaspare M Genna
Professor, Political Science

Gaspare M. Genna is Professor of Political Science and Director of the North American Studies Program. He teaches courses on European Union politics, North American relations, international relations, international organizations, and international political economy. He is an advocate for the Global Reach community, which aspires to advance UTEP's commitment to scholarly and creative activities by institutionalizing best practices in extending our global reach and co-advocate for the Interdisciplinary Research and Education community, which aspire to expand our knowledge base and skills for effectively leading IDRE, and providing access to best practices, methods and tools that facilitate successful IDRE. His research explores the development and impact of regional integration in both economically and politically. His work to date involves analyzing state incentives and capabilities for integration as well as domestic public support. He is also Associate Research Fellow at the United Nations University Institute on Comparative Regional Integration Studies, Senior Research Fellow at the TransResearch Institute, and an associate editor of the journal Politics & Policy.


  1. Regional integration
  2. Globalization
  3. International cooperation
  4. Political economy
  5. Political psychology
  6. Political trust
  7. Social trust