Guillermina Solis

Health Sciences and School of Nursing Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Guillermina Rincon Solis
Associate Professor, School of Nursing - Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
Director, Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Dr. Solis’ research aims to serve the Hispanic Older Adult population and their informal caregivers by addressing conditions or problems that influence function and autonomy. She has conducted research in fall injuries and implemented community fall prevention programs with various community partners. She has collaborated with El Paso Fire Department and University Medical Center to examine the prevalence of fall injuries in El Paso region to influence healthcare service coordination. Her research collaborators include Cornell Medical College. TTUHSC-El Paso, and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) -College of Nursing. Dr. Solis has expanded her research to understand the decision making for end-of-life care for older adults with Alzheimer’s dementia. Such complex topic requires understanding of the disease process and influences of Alzheimer’s dementia on the physical and psychosocial aspects on a person’s live. Hispanics live longer than other ethnic groups, have a high prevalence of multiple chronic illnesses, and higher incidence of Alzheimer’s dementia. This fuels her passion for bringing to light the problems confronting older adults, their families and the communities where they reside. She is an experienced nurse practitioner with access to a large patient population and many community partners. Dr. Solis welcomes interdisciplinary research members outside of health services who are interested in social service endevours for underserved population at risk population.


  1. Geriatric Health
  2. Falls and Injuries in Older Adults
  3. Alzheimer's Dementia
  4. End-of-Life Decision Making
  5. Interdisciplinary Research
  6. And Community service.