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Elena Izquierdo
Professor, Teacher Education

Dr. Izquierdo, a linguist by training, holding a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics and Bilingual Education from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and an educator in practice with 13 years as a district administrator in Washington, D.C. serving as principal of one of the first National Dual Language Bilingual Education (DLBE) Models in this country: Oyster Bilingual ES, and director for Bilingual/ESL Education leading the education of Emergent Bilinguals/English Learners. Her expertise, research, and experience are in the areas of Leadership in DLBE, Biliteracy and Transforming Schooling Ideologies and Practices for EBs/ELs. Her most current book publication is entitled: Dual language education: Teaching and leading through two languages, Springer, 2019. Dr. Izquierdo developed Dual Language Bilingual Education Competencies and participated in the development of the 2019 National Guiding Principles for DLE. A professor of bilingual/biliteracy/dual language education, she is also current Provost Faculty Fellow for Community Engagement, a previous President of the University Faculty Senate, and a previous Chair of the Teacher Education Department and recently recognized by the UT System and The Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) and the American Council on Education, for comprehensive knowledge and skills that constitute the ACUE Effective Practice Framework.


  1. Equity; Policy in Dual Language Schooling; Contrastive Analysis and Second Language Acquisition; Bilingual Education; Socio Cultural Competence; Leadership in Dual Language Education and Biliteracy