Juan Noveron

Chemistry and Computer Science Building
El Paso Texas, 79968
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Juan C. Noveron
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry - Materials Research and Technology Institute (MR & TI)

Dr. Noveron's research is focused on supramolecular chemistry, which is the field that studies intermolecular interactions that lead to structures beyond the molecule (supramolecular structures), and is considered to be the basic science of nanomaterials. His research group focuses on the design, synthesis, and characterization of molecules with self-organizing behavior that spontaneously self-assemble into nanoscale metal-organic materials with applications in medicine and green energy systems. The applications that Dr. Noveron’s group targets with this approach are (1) the delivery of antigen genes for DNA-vaccine applications, (2) the development of new gene-sensing platforms using self-organized DNA-Carbon Nanotubes, (3) the development of new self-organized metal-organic solar cells, (4) the development of new water-treatment technologies, and (5) the development of new bio-inspired 3-D printable hydrogels with antibacterial properties. Dr. Noveron collaborates with researchers from other disciplines to evaluate the function of our molecular designs and carry out experiments such as cytotoxicity assays, DNA-transfection, in-vivo DNA-delivery, gene-sensing, desalination and water treatments, photovoltaics, and antibacterial assays.


  1. Bioinorganic
  2. Supramolecular
  3. Nanoscience
  4. Peer-led team-learning
  5. Gene-vaccines
  6. DNA/RNA-delivery
  7. Gene-sensors
  8. Solar cells
  9. Water desalination